Date Idea: Photo Scavenger Hunt


Our cell phones seem to be what the majority of us take our photos with these days. We always have them with us, so why not have some more fun with our cell phones and use them in a creative way on a date!?

So here is what you do:

1. Choose a Place To Go! (Main Street, Harbor, Zoo, Coffee Shop, Town Fair, Lake, ect)
2. Take Your Phones and Go On a Photo Scavenger Hunt!
3. I Provided a Small Fun List to get You Started! (Feel free to add or change the list depending on your date)
4. At the End of the Evening Look at Your Pictures Together!

***If you want to put a fun twist on the date, you can say the first person to get all the photos on the list gets to choose the sex position when you get home!

Either way this date is fun, inexpensive, and provides plenty of time to laugh and talk together!
Ladies, let loose, be silly and have fun with it! Enjoy the fun time with your husband!

Hope you all enjoy your Photo Scavenger Hunt!

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One thought on “Date Idea: Photo Scavenger Hunt

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